Nivea Body Firming Oil

A former coastal girl, I hate Joburg winters. The normally-quite-pleasant dry air becomes unbearable, and while I love the lack of humidity in summer (think clear skin and frizz-free hair), winter leaves my skin feeling closer to sandpaper. And moisturising is such a mission as well! Who wants to spend an extra few minutes in the morning baring your skin to the cold and slapping on freezing cold body lotion? A little trick I learnt was to include a few drops of tissue oil in the bath at night so when I saw Nivea had brought out a body oil, I was more than happy to test it out.

I love oil. I know the greasy afterfeel isn’t for everyone but the way your skin feels the morning after is so worth it. Nivea’s body oil forms part of the Q10 plus range which means it contains co-enzyme Q10 that helps cellular functions. It also stimulates the production of collagen – one of the key components of your skin. You’ve definitely heard of collagen in terms of anti-ageing because after a certain age, collagen production slows leaving you with the telltale signs of ageing: wrinkles.

So Nivea’s Body Oil should have a firming effect on the skin, yes? After using the product for the recommended two weeks, the first thing I noticed was my skin tone was more even. Now, the product doesn’t claim to do that but hey, I’ll take whatever benefits I can get! My skin also felt smoother and more supple. You are meant to massage it in, focusing on target areas (bum, thighs etc) but being someone who wants a product to fit into her lifestyle, I used it either in bath or quickly rubbed it on straight after a shower. I didn’t notice any firming or toning exactly but I do believe it will take more than a body oil to get me a booty like Beyonce.

At just under R90 for 200ml, which went a lot further than I thought it would, it’s one of the more affordable oils on the market at the moment. It was also absorbed really quickly so you’ll probably enjoy it even if you hate feeling oily and with a subtle fragrance, is fine to use first thing in the morning without smelling too overpowering.


2 thoughts on “Nivea Body Firming Oil

  1. rebekahwisten says:

    My stepmum brought this home for me. Oh my gosh I’ve absolutely fallen for it. First of all it really does soften the skin and it has made some of my dark marks fade. My skin does seem more even, it will be 2 weeks of use this following monday and I’d definately recommend it. Its not greasy after being applied once showered. Some of my stretch marks have faded so would recommend for that. Skin does seem more firm, but I have been swimming a lot so it could be down to that. I just love it. Definately go out and buy it or give it a try. Officially my new beauty favourite.

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