OFRA Cosmetics eyeshadow and lipgloss

If you haven’t heard of OFRA Cosmetics yet, where have you been? The story behind this brand has a distinct South African edge and I love a brand with a good story. Beauty therapist and make-up artist Ofra Gaito started her career in good old Jozi, SA – way back in 1979. Both a spa and salon owner, she was also the distributor for a number of European cosmetic brands before moving across to the US. There she made the decision to start her own range of cosmetics and today the range spans make-up, skin care, sun care, spa products and even a professional make-up range.

When you try a brand started by someone who was in the industry, guaranteed it’s going to address the types of problems they experienced. I got to try out one of the range’s eyeshadow and a lip gloss/treatment.

One of the problems I find when trying eyeshadows is that the colour in the packaging never quite lives up to its promise. Whether it’s a problem with pigment intensity or the staying power of the product, I don’t usually find something I can put on the morning and have it still visible at lunchtime. OFRA’s eyeshadow does both. I tried the Lilac one (yes, sent deliberately because they read my blog and know I love purple – bonus points for good PR) and still can’t get over how impressed I am with the product.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful packaging. It looks like a high-end, good quality product and although I usually pop my eyeshadow palettes out of the packaging – it makes it a lot more convenient when all your colours are easily-visible – I’ve actually kept this one in the packaging and it’s made the cut into my make-up bag. The nifty little mirror in the bottom means it also doubles as a compact. It’s priced at R168.43.

The other thing about the eyeshadow is that you can use it wet or dry. Wet gives you a much more intense colour so it’s ideal for a bolder look. It does help that I can go from a daytime to night-time look with one product. The range has over 40 colours for this product but there are also eyeshadows with primer, loose shadow and even eye liners and gels in a multitude of colours. It really is an extensive range so your best bet is to pop onto the website and online shop at www.ofracosmetics.co.za – the shop was recently launched so definitely give it a browse.

I’m struggling a bit to define the lip product I tested – called Volulips (R342). It’s a bit of a combination between a plumper, gloss, anti-ageing treatment and moisturiser all in one. If you know anything about product formulation, this is quite an interesting product to look at and I have to confess needing to look up some of the ingredients listed. Hyaluronic acid is well-known for its anti-ageing properties, basically because the molecules retain water thereby plumping up the skin and filling in those horrible wrinkles. Volulips also contains beeswax, which is great for moisturising.

When you apply the product, the first thing you should notice is the smell and the slight tingly-cooling effect that happens. This is mostly due to the inclusion of peppermint oil. It also doesn’t feel like a lipgloss – it doesn’t have that tacky, sticky feeling – but it does give a lot of shine. It’s actually really comfortable to wear and any product developer knows that when you have something that people actually enjoy using, you have a winner.


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