EcoProducts Baobab Oil

I have been dying to post about this product ever since I tried a few weeks back. Here in SA, you should be familiar with the baobab tree. With their large trunks kind of spindly branches, they’ve been featured in hundreds of coffee table books showcasing photography in Africa. They’re also sometimes known as “upside down” trees, because they look almost as though someone up-ended them and then replanted them head first.

I’ve been involved in the local cosmetic manufacturing industry for a few years and get really excited when I see research being done on indigenous plants. Our country has an abundance of flora you don’t find anywhere else in the world and the baobab tree is one of them. Although you do find it in other African countries, it really is quite specific to our region.

A couple of years’ research, combined with what I’ve known to be an extremely friendly, co-operative industry has led to this fabulous product finally being brought to market. Although I’m sure we’re going to start seeing this amazing ingredient in a number of skin care products, the fact that you can buy the cold-pressed oil by itself is great news for all consumers.

You can use the oil either by itself or add a few drops to your normal moisturiser, but my personal tried-and-tested recommendation is to add it to your bath. This product is honestly the best skin moisturiser I’ve tried. I’ve also been using it on my face twice a day and because it gets absorbed really quickly, I don’t leave the house looking like my face is covered in grease. Within a few minutes of applying, your skin feels silky smooth and supple.

It’s retailing just under R100 for 30ml and goes up to R200 for 100ml. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of it so it does go quite a bit further than you’d expect. Check out the website ( for local stockists.


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