Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment

According to data monitoring companies, the “green” trend is still showing tremendous growth. With some figures estimating growth in natural and organic products of over 30%, it’s pretty certain that this trend is here to stay. Although South Africans haven’t been showing interest in these sorts of products in the traditional sense, I predict this is going to change quite soon and quite quickly here. One of the questions I often hear from friends is: “my skin is really sensitive – what products can I use that won’t result in some sort of allergic reaction?”. Natural and green products are necessarily any better for you (you have just as much chance of having an allergic reaction to a synthetic product as you do to a naturally-derived one) but I do think that the perception that “green is better” is going to prove quite popular with these consumers.

My best advice when looking for green products is to look at the certification. This can be kind of tricky and difficult to navigate with a number of certifications and certification boards out there but do a bit of research and you’ll soon find products and brands you know you can trust.

One of these is and should be Juice Beauty. One of the reasons this brand is so popular in the US is because instead of using a typical water base for the formulation, it uses…get this…juice. Yip, made from organically-certified fruits. You can read more about the company on its website at http://www.juicebeauty.com and check out the rest of the range.

I recently tried the Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment (R500). Firstly, the packaging is fantastic! The product comes in a slim cylindrical brushed-silver tube so the first impression is that this is a high-tech product. Now, I don’t mean it’s going to destroy wrinkles, eliminate bags and vanquish dark circles overnight, I mean it’s going to contain a product that uses the latest in formulatory technology. And it does. Stem cells have been hot on the industry list of “ingredients to watch out for” for the past few years and there have been some amazing advancements not only in the discovery and inclusion of these ingredients, but also in the way they are extracted and processed. Because the product is certified organic, the processes used to extract the stem cells need to comply with stringent guidelines.

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Oh, yes – the product is pretty cool. It has a really great look and feel, leaving you with the feeling that this is something you should be paying a lot more for. But the thing that excites me the most is the delivery of the product. Instead of your usual pump mechanism, this product comes out of a pump with a flattened head, so you can basically use the packaging to apply the product without ever touching it. While this isn’t exactly a new concept, applying eye products with packaging that stimulates blood flow to the skin has shown to be rather effective. It’s the same theory as massaging in anti-cellulite cream.

Also, because your hands never actually touch the product, any chance of contamination is eliminated so your product will last longer and be safer. With one of the biggest issues in formulating organic products being the preservative system, using the packaging to keep contamination at bay is pretty effective, both in terms of efficacy as well as cost. The product is available at Wellness Warehouse or Nature’s Colours.


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