Badger Balm Damascus Rose

I’ve been hearing about Badger Balm for a while now and its popularity in the US is undeniable. So when I received my Damascus Rose one (R170), I was pretty psyched to give it a bash. Before I get started though, I have to tell you a little bit about me and fragrance.

I love a good fragrance. And I love anything to do with fragrance. It’s a sector of the industry I find fascinating. Your sense of smell is the only one directly linked to your limbic system, the one associated with memory. That’s why when you smell something familiar, it takes you back to specific memories and feelings you may associate with that memory. It’s an extremely powerful memory trigger and one marketing agencies have been using for decades.

When I was growing up my dad used to try to encourage my interest in beauty by bringing me essential oils to play around with. The first one he ever brought me was geranium. So when I opened up the jar of balm, the first thing I smelt was the geranium oil and I felt like I was 12 all over again. As much as the fragrance of this does smell of roses, it was the geranium specifically that caught my attention.

As a balm, it has a number of uses. According to the label though, it recommended it for hands, under eyes and even stretchmarks. Honestly, I’ve used it as that and so much more. I’ve used it on elbows, feet, cat scratches, pigmentation marks and even my lips when I wake up in the middle of the night suffering the effects of the dry Joburg air and hours spent in front of a heater. It’s a fabulous winter product and has been given prize place on my bedside table the past few days. I’ve even started apply it as a cuticle cream after washing dishes.

It is certified organic by the USDA (Unites States Department of Agriculture) so like most organic products, it’s not the prettiest colour and I’m pretty sure you would notice colour differences in the formulation when using different batches. It’s also a little oily if you don’t like that so I keep it mostly to use after a bath before bed but if you have dry anything, it’s a multi-purpose product that will tackle any dryness.

Badger Balm products are available at Wellness Warehouse (see here for store locations or shop in the online store), selected health shops and pharmacies, or online at


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