Labello Repair and Beauty

In case you haven’t realised, I love purple. It’s my favourite colour. My handbag is purple. I have a purple Blackberry. When I separate my washing, it goes: darks, lights and purples. My home is decorated in so much purple that it looks like a grape threw up all over my lounge. So when I received a press pack from Labello with its new Repair and Beauty lip balm all decked out in purple, my first thought was: “Oh! It matches everything!”With Joburg’s dry winter air, lip balm is something I have plenty of. I always carry some on me and I can get quick picky about the brands I use. I used to use Labello in high school but haven’t actually tried one for a couple of years and the new launch gave me an excuse to give it a bash.

The new Repair and Beauty does two things: repairs, and “beautifies”. Duh. The formulation has two phases: a white core for nourishing and an external pink layer that gives you a little dash of colour. The white core contains ingredients like dexpanthenol, vitamin E (aka tocopherol), glycerine and menthol, which gives it a cooling effect. What’s pretty cool about the pink layer is that it doesn’t only contain pigments for a dose of “natural and healthy colour” but also delightfully moisturising ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter.

This new launch by Labello is probably my favourite of all the Labello brands. I’ve used pretty much all of them at some stage in my life but I really find the Repair and Beauty one moisturises and feels great. I don’t really need my lip balm to beautify my lips (I have lipsticks and glosses for that) but the combination of jojoba and shea seem to make it really effective. And they’re loads cheaper than most brands too.

Labello Repair and Beauty lip balm, recommended selling price (RSP) R26.99, available from leading retail outlets (like Clicks) and pharmacies from October 2012.


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