Beaucience Hydrating Cleansing Milk

Although it’s only been on the market a few years, Beaucience has already garnered a good reputation among the natural and organic crowd. It was started by Jacoline Wentzel who has been involved in the SA spa and salon industry for many years. I had the pleasure of meeting her when the brand first launched and if you ever need someone to chat to about the natural market in SA, she’s a great contact.

The has quite a few products in its range – I keep the Vitamin Super Cream next to my bed – and one of my favourite things about the range is the fragrance. It’s such a unique fragrance but is present throughout the range so when I opened up the Hydrating Cleansing Milk that I got to test recently, I was immediately reminded why I liked it.

One of the questions I regularly get from friends is what skin care brands to use. It’s so hard to try and find the ideal brand that I often tell them they need to shop around and try a few things before settling on something. But one of the tips I tell them to keep in mind is that for dry skin, a cream-based or milk cleanser is ideal for dry skin. It just gives it that extra bit of moisture and, unlike gel cleansers, usually leaves a bit of the product behind, giving the ingredients more time to work.

The Beaucience Hydrating Cleansing Milk is something I’d recommend to anyone with dry skin. The formulation is quite advanced for a natural range and it has some great ingredients. With things like evening primrose oil and wheatgerm oil, it works well as both a cleanser with anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera and witch hazel are great for balancing and treating acne. There is also an ingredient called Proteasyl TP, which is derived from peas and has shown to protect the skin cells quite effectively.

Although it’s a natural range, Beaucience isn’t just for the “greenies” and I’d definitely suggest you try out the rest of the products from the range if you get a chance. It’s competitively priced and locally manufactured so if you are looking to support local brands, this one is ideal.

Beaucience Hydrating Cleansing Milk, R218 for 200ml, available through selected spas and salons or online through

Call 021 709 036 for more information or check online at


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