A few weeks ago, I went to the opening of the INGLOT store in Sandton City. Although the brand has been in SA for a little while now, it was until recently that it opened its first standalone branch in SA. Established over 25 years, the brand is Polish, started by chemist Wojtek Inglot. Inglot is still directly involved in the formulation and design process of all the company’s new products.

I was treated to a couple of spoils at the launch but even before I tried out the products, I was already impressed. Like many international brands, the company works closely with make-up artists to find out what products they need and colours they’d like to see being developed so they products they create are targeted at gaps in the market.

However, unlike other brands, INGLOT defines itself by it’s unique “freedom system”. Have you ever bought a colour palette, only to find you use one or two of the colours and the rest go to waste? But you don’t throw the make-up out because it seems like throwing good money down the drain. INGLOT allows you to pick and choose what colours you want in your palette creating a highly customisable product suited exactly to your needs. You can even bring in a palette and replace just one colour (the packaging is magnetic making it really easy to pop colours in and out).

And what a range of colours. I picked out a quartet of eyeshadows and it took me forever to choose what I wanted. The eyeshadows can even be used wet to give a more intense colour but the pigment in the eyeshadow is already quite concentrated so you don’t really need to. The range isn’t just limited to eyeshadows though. As an eyeliner addict, I was overwhelmed with the colours and types of eyeliners you could get: from liquid to pencil to gel pots. I picked up a teal gel pot and using my new, specially-curved-just-for-eyeliner brush, have had a blast trying it out.

Another nifty product is called Duraline. It’s a clear liquid in a dropper (with a funky push-in button in the lid that draws the liquid in) bottle that you can add to any powdered product to make it a liquid. Turning your favourite eyeshadow to a matching liquid eyeliner, or your favourite blush into a lipstick, has never been easier.

The best part? The price, of course. For just a little over R1 000, I got myself an eyeshadow quartet, gel pot eyeliner, Duraline, foundation and primer. Replacing just one eyeshadow is R80. But don’t take my word for it, check out the online shop ( or, and I definitely recommend this, visit the store. There’s one in Sandton City, Canal Walk and Gateway. Or check out your local Woolworths cosmetic section – they also stock the brand.


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