clear eyes copy_packshotAlthough they’ve been around for a while now, one of my favourite pamper products has to be eyeSlices. I met the creator, Kerryne, five years ago and it’s been such a pleasure watching the company grow, and I love introducing friends to the brand. Everyone gets so excited when they first see the packaging and you can just imagine my guy friends’ response when they find these little babies in my fridge (it’s the best place to keep them and they feel best when cooled).

So, what are they and how do they work? eyeSlices are these funky, squidgy little gel “slices” that you put over your eyes for a few minutes and let them work their magic. You used to only be able to find them in spas and salons as part of an-add on treatment but luckily for us beauty addicts, the company launched its retail product, Biotanix, a few years ago.

The products use patented Cryogel technology (FYI, it was created right here in SA – just another example of the fabulous cosmetic formulation technology we’re capable of producing). It’s a bit tricky to describe but basically it’s a very stable water-based gel. Because of the way it’s formulated, eyeSlices are able to sit on the skin and provide an extremely effective delivery system. This means that it can be used to administer other ingredients, like aloe ferox, directly to the skin. If you check out the rest of the retail range, there are four different variants – each containing specific ingredients to treat different problems.

They retail for R150 in selected pharmacies and salons (check online for your nearest stockist or email Jaun-Paul Stevenson on stevenson@eyeslices.com). You can also get them online on the company’s website (www.eyeslices.co.za). If you do go for the retail option, I have a couple of tips to make them work even better. As mentioned, definitely keep them in the fridge – they feel so much better and the cold will cause the blood vessels around the eyes to contract which means less puffiness and the dreaded undereye bag. It also sometimes helps with dark circles. Also, try get hold of an eyepillow to put on top of the slices when you’re using them. Although the gel does allow them to mould to the eye contours, they can slip every now and then so the pillow will keep them in place.

Lastly, buy them for friends. These are fantastic little thank-you gifts or pick me ups – think pamper parties, kitchen teas, your bestie or sister’s birthday. My mom loves them and, like I said, you’ll always find one in my fridge. Oops, just checked and looks like I lied. I don’t have one. I have three.


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