Garnier Miracle Skin Protector (BB Cream)

Garnier Miracle Skin Protector

A few weeks ago, I posted about the launch of Garnier’s first blemish balm (BB cream) that was arriving in SA. Since then, I’ve had the chance to try it out for myself. I love it. To be honest, it is my first BB cream so although I don’t really have anything to compare it to, I think I’ll struggle to find something this effective at this price (it’s just R70 for 50ml).

I hate foundation. I don’t like the cakey-feeling; I find it either dries my skin out or makes it feel greasy and oily; and I struggle to find a tinted moisturiser that gives me the coverage I want. So something like the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (to give it its full name) works perfectly.

In case you haven’t heard about BB creams, or have been living in a cave for the past year, let me explain them to you. They originated in Asia, Korea to be exact, as a way to provide consumers with a product that gave coverage as well as a whole host of other benefits. Most BB creams are 5-in-1: a moisturiser, sunscreen, primer, foundation and active skin cream (so either anti-ageing or evening/toning etc). The Miracle Skin Perfector promises to “even tone and boost glow; blur imperfections; smooth fine lines; offer 24-hour hydration; and provide SPF 15 UV protection”.

The first thing I noticed it that the colour is perfect for me. It comes in only three shades – light, medium and dark – and I tried the light one. For an English rose complexion like mine (yes, that’s what I’m calling it – others have described me as practically translucent), it blends in really well. According to the brand, the reason it only has three shades is that the product actually blends to match the colour of your skin naturally, thanks to the mineral pigments. In other words, it contains ingredients that reflect the light and natural colour of your skin.

The coverage isn’t a lot, just the way I like it. I hate feeling like I’m wearing a foundation and this product is quickly absorbed into the skin. It gave me just enough moisture that my skin wasn’t dried out yet it didn’t result in a greasy afterfeel. At the moment, I’m wearing it every day. I touch it up with a bit of concealer under my eyes but that’s about it.

Now for the best bit. It actually improved my skin tone. I have myself a little break from it over the weekend and found that my skin looked and felt better than it had in months. I’m just the other side of 25 so I’ve been starting to notice some imperfections appearing (as well as the occasional breakout – teen acne is a lie!) so anything that makes my skin look this smooth and feel this soft is a plus in my book. And really, at R70 a tube, it’s the cheapest on the market by far. It would be almost criminal not to own one…or three.


4 thoughts on “Garnier Miracle Skin Protector (BB Cream)

  1. nono says:

    Hi Nikki. I’ve been looking for BB cream for my complexion for a while (I’m MAC NC 45 | Revlon Toffee or caramel in other foundations with yellow undertones). Unfortunately even though I’m sure the mineral pigments do help in some cases, the BB dark is too dark for me, and the medium is light. Unfortunately for WOC (women of colour) or deeper complexions, the BB creams have not been heavily adapted, save for smashbox (even the Bobbi brown and Estee Lauder ones are disappointing). Oh well…

    • BeautyBloggess says:

      Hi Nongcali

      BB creams have only been on the mainstream market for two years at the most. I’m sure with time, more shades will be developed and I’m hoping some of the local brands will catch on to the trend and start creating localised BB creams for WOC. The US is a bit more jacked up on this and I’m travelling there in December so will have a look out for you for different shades but will also chat to some of the local guys and see what’s in the pipeline. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.

      Otherwise, something I found with foundations (if I HAVE to use them) is to blend two, or even three, and get the ideal shade for you. It’s a bit more effort, of course, but until the science catches up with the demand, it’s something to consider.

      Thanks for checking out my blog, btw 🙂 always glad to see a familiar name!


      • nono says:

        Pleasure pleasure :-). I am fortunate when it comes to foundations. I must admit the beauty industry is really trying to cater to darker complexions in this regard. Hopefully they’ll do the same for BB creams (and tinted moisturizers). Enjoy yhe overseas trip :-). Oh and sample some of the brands we don’t have from sephora – like NARS, Urban Decay or La Face Atelier – I look forward to your reviews 🙂

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