St Tropez Intensifier

St Tropez Intensifier

As much as I’m trying to “Promote Pale”, it seems as though a glowing tan is here to stay. Considering how well documented the effects of the sun’s damage on the skin are, I find it hard to believe people still tan, let alone make use of sunbeds. In fact, sunbeds are so notorious, the US has made it illegal for you to use unless you’re over 18. They let you drive at 16, something I still can’t comprehend, yet won’t let you fry yourself to a crisp. If only they would ban sunbathing altogether.

Well, until then, rather than waste time, and your health, “getting a base tan by lying in the sun, (sans sunscreen) for 15 minutes each side”, I really wish my friends would consider something like St Tropez’s Intensifier when the weather starts warming up and the Spring flowers bloom.

First of all, this isn’t a self-tanner. It’s a tan “intensifier”. What’s the difference? The difference is that it’s so light and easy to apply, you end up with a perfect pre-summer glow in a matter of seconds. I’m all for self-tanners but usually find such a stark contrast between my before and after colour than my mom and sister immediately ask which product I used.

St Tropez has been using the latest in self-tan technology so that the biggest complaint most consumers had (the smell) is gone. The smell was the result of the chemical process that turned your skin the darker colour but recent ingredient innovations have meant that this is no longer the case.

Another reason I like the Intensifier is that it’s already coloured. Most self-tan products are light, whiter creams so you rub it on and then wait for your colour to “pop”. The Intensifier firstly gives you an immediate colour change and allows you to see where you’ve applied it. I love that I don’t have to guess where I need to rub a bit more in and hope the tanning fairies make sure I don’t end up with an uneven or, worse, a streaky tan. And because it gives you a colour change immediately, you can use it just before going out rather than applying the night before. It also contains oils like vitamin E so it moisturising the skin too.

St Tropez Intensifier is available at R375 for 200ml. At the moment you can get it from the online store ( but keep your eyes open. Rumour has it, St Tropez will be available at your nearest beauty slash pharmacy really soon!


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