Kiehl’s now available throughout SA

Kiehl’s opened its first store in Africa at the beginning of September in Edgars Sandton City but will also now be available to fans of the brand outside of Johannesburg through online subscription beauty sample box [rubybox] or through the Edgars Fashion Hotline service.

The Kiehl’s [rubybox]

In keeping with the company’s “try before you buy policy” which sees the brand commit resources to sampling its formulas rather than advertising, Kiehl’s recently partnered with [rubybox], a subscription-based monthly cosmetic trial-kit. Subscribers could opt for an exclusive Kiehl’s exclusive box to give those curious about the brand an opportunity to sample the products. The 1 000 Kiehl’s boxes sold out in just four hours.

Azhar Moosa, business unit manager for Kiehl’s says that there has been an unprecedented response to the opening of the first store in Johannesburg, with sales exceeding expectations. “On the back of the success of the Sandton store, the media and social media buzz around the Kiehl’s and the fantastic response to our Kiehl’s exclusive [rubybox], there has also been an increasing demand for Kiehl’s to be available in other parts of South Africa. And of course, we listen to our patrons”.

In order to meet this demand, Kiehl’s products are now available nationally through the Edgars Fashion Hotline service, which allows customers looking for a product stocked in Edgars stores, to order it and have it delivered either to their home, or their nearest Edgars store.

Moosa believes that the strength in partnering with a retailer such as Edcon, is in that Edcon has established national distribution systems in place. “And through our partnership with Edcon, we are able to make use of these systems to ensure we are able to satisfy customers demand nationally for Kiehl’s”.

Customers can phone Edgars Fashion Hotline on 0 860 692 274 to request the specific products they are looking for and choose to either have it delivered to their closest Edgars store (free of charge), or delivered to their homes anywhere in SA, at a charge of R50, within 5-7 days. The service is only available to customers in SA.

To ensure a smooth and easy process with the Edgars Fashion Hotline Call Centre, patrons can call the Kiehl’s Sandton store on 011 685 7000, or Kiehl’s Customer Advisory on 0 861 001 085 prior to phoning the Edgars Fashion Hotline Call Centre, for more information and advice on Kiehl’s products and pricing. Customers are able to make payments for their Fashion Hotline orders via their Thank U Cards, credit or debit cards or cash when in store and online via their Thank U or credit/debit cards.


One thought on “Kiehl’s now available throughout SA

  1. Devika says:

    I can never get samples from either Eastgate or Sandton stores.I have been using Estée Lauder for 25 yrs and am keen to try Keihls.The only samples I could get was shampoo and conditioner! I am always told samples are finished!

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