Ingredient Showcase: Dragon’s blood extract

An exciting new active for skin rejuvenation is extracted from the Dragon’s blood tree (Croton lechleri) found in the Amazon rainforest. The ingredient is derived from the red resin that is bled from the tree by cutting the bark in a sustainable manner.

Dragon’s blood extract has been put through an array of tests and studies to prove its efficacy, ease of formulation, and safety. It contains a broad range of naturally-occurring compounds and features high antioxidant activity. This helps to protect the cells of the skin and regenerate the whole tissue. It is standardised to the alkaloid taspine, which encourages the early phase of the wound healing process by stimulating the fibroblasts. It is also rich in antioxidant phenols.

The ingredient was showcased at the Incosmetics expo in Milan earlier this year where it was well-received by the cosmetic industry. It has proven to be extremely effective in improving the stratification and quality of the new skin layers and it contributes to regenerating tissues for skin rejuvenation. It also meets growing consumer demand for natural skin care products.

Dragon’s blood extract is available as a raw material for manufacturers from local ingredient supplier Sharon Bolel Chemical Marketing.


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