Beauty Factory launches online store

BeautyFactory2When Beauty Factory launched in 2011, I was thrilled. I know the manufacturers and can attest that their products really are proudly South African, making use of the best our country has to offer.

One of the things I loved most about the brand’s positioning is that it aims to be an affordable yet luxurious experience for all consumers who wander into the stores. If you haven’t made your way into one of the stores yet, you’re missing out. This is one company who really takes pride in how it presents its products and encourages you to try out everything. From a sink to wash any products off after testing to champers and OJ for shoppers, the Beauty Factory experience is not one to miss out on.

BeautyFactoryBest news this month? They’ve joined the ranks of beauty and fashion retailers and have launched a new online store! Perfect for when you know you’re never going to make it through to a store before closing and a great way to help you shop for gifts for friends and family. I’m pretty sure that come Christmas time, my browser history will reflect my love for this local gem.

Free delivery for orders over R299 (although considering how affordable the products are, you’ll need to stock up quite a bit to hit this mark) and you automatically join the loyalty programme, which gives you R1 back for every R10 spent in Beauty Bucks to be used within the store.

Worth it? I certainly think so!

Check it out at the link:

EB Beach


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