New sunscreen bands help monitor sun exposure

JADS_SunscreenBands_FinalMech_1of2_OLOne of the pitfalls of working in the cosmetic industry is that you start to develop what I like to think is a healthy dose of paranoia when it comes to skin care. I’ve been known to freak out when driving behind a truck spurting out black exhaust fumes (quick, get me an antioxidant cream!) and my continuous campaign for correct sun care has landed me in trouble with friends on more than one account (“You want me to Like your Facebook status about how much you love tanning? Must I Like it as well when you’re old, wrinkley and have just been diagnosed with skin cancer?”). So when I hear about products that help prevent sun damage, I get super excited.

JADS International has created a new kind of sunscreen product – UV Sunscreen Bands. According to Beauty Packaging, “the product is designed to make it easy and fun for children and adults to detect UV exposure, by reminding you to reapply sunscreen.”

“What most people don’t know is that the intensity of UV radiation depends on a multitude of factors including altitude, latitude, season, air pollution, clouds in the sky. And, until now, determining sun exposure was somewhat of a guessing game for consumers,” said Andrew Levine, CEO, JADS. “With skin cancer on the rise, we wanted to create a product that would take sunscreen to the next level and keep people safe and in-the-know regarding the strength of the sun.”

Sunscreen Bands have patented colour-changing technology that detects the level of UVA and UVB rays based on the SPF level of an individual’s sunscreen lotion, spray or cream. Once in the sun, the user places the band around their wrist. When the band turns dark purple, they lather or spray sunscreen over the band.

From dark purple, the bands turn light purple (lavender) as a reminder to reapply sunscreen. This occurs due to the sunscreen losing its strength to protect, thus allowing UV rays to turn the band to light purple (lavender). Next, the bands gradually turn cream colour to alert the wearer that they have reached maximum sun exposure for the day.

How awesome is that? I tried to find out if they were available in South Africa – no such luck as yet but I’m a girl on a mission! But, what I did find out, is that you can get superhero themed ones too! So far, they’ve launched a Hulk version and a Spiderman version which has this girl geek even more excited.

More info is available on the website here. It looks like they come in packs of 5 and a 3-pack purchase puts you back $18.99 (about R180). 

UPDATE: I’ve since found out that you can order online through Amidax Trading Group. Drop an email to Marcelo at


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