Batiste Dry Shampoo


Batiste Dark and Deep Brown

So if you haven’t heard of dry shampoo yet, you have clearly been living in a cave for the past two years. It’s not a new concept but really took off recently with the launch of products like Batiste Dry Shampoo.

My first attempt at using a dry shampoo was disastrously disappointing and I swore not to buy into the whole hype around it. Let’s get one thing straight, dry shampoo doesn’t actually “shampoo” your hair. The theory is that you spray aerosolised powder into your hair that then absorbs the oils in your hair leaving it a little fresher. In fact, dry shampoos are sometimes marketed as hair refreshers and I kind of tend to agree with that line of positioning.

One of the problems I’ve heard most consumers complain about is that because it’s technically a powder, you’re sometimes left with a white residue. Fine for blondes but when your hair is as dark as mine, it makes you look more like a greying granny than a sexy seductress. Which is why I really love Batiste’s Dark and Deep Brown. It comes out dark and can even be used to hide your exposed scalp when trying out one of those super trendy plaited styles. Check out this post from The Beauty Department to see what I mean.

Batiste Cherry

Batiste Cherry

Considering how much I love beauty products, I’m really a very lazy person. I hate fussing over my hair in the mornings so I usually just blow dry and straighten it, leaving it looking a little lifeless and flat by mid-afternoon. The best part about Batiste and the main reason why I’ve converted to an adoring fan is that a quick spray and mussing up of my hair gives it added lift, volume and makes it last at least another day before I have to shampoo it. For someone with really fine hair, this product is brilliant.

Recently, Bastiste launched two new variants in South Africa: Cherry and Paisley. They’re pretty cute and I adore the Cherry fragrance (all Batiste products come in difference scents so they kind of double as a hair fragrance). Unfortunately, they aren’t the ones formulated for brunettes so I’ll probably be giving them a skip, but I did see a second variation for brunettes in Clicks last weekend called Medium and Brunette. I love my Dark and Deep Brown but a few more variations would take this from an amazing product to a Wishlist item.

Batiste is available exclusively through Clicks in eight variants at R70 for the 200ml spray cans (see a full list of the variants here) and there are three variants in the mini spray can size of 50ml.

How cute are the minis?

How cute are the minis?


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