OFRA Cosmetics BB Cream

bb_cream_lightcolor.jpgA few weeks back, the lovely Vicki Sternberg from OFRA Cosmetics emailed me and asked if there were any OFRA products I’d like to test out and review for the blog. I’ve tried some of OFRA’s offerings and so far had been pretty impressed. When she mentioned the company had added a BB cream to its range, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

I have to confess. I’m a BB addict. When companies first started launching these, I was over the moon. I’m not a big fan of foundation and I’m as lazy as hell when it comes to my morning make-up routine, so anything that cuts down on my primping time and gets me out the door faster gets me excited.

For those who don’t know (and surprisingly, there are still a few of you!) what a BB cream is, it’s a Beauty (or Blemish – depending on who you ask) Balm. Essentially, it’s a product that does more than just moisturise or cover up. Usually, it’s a combination of a sunscreen, moisturiser and foundation all in one, but many have a host of other claims as well from evening skin tone to anti-ageing.

When I first checked out OFRA’s BB cream, I wasn’t that impressed. It’s packaged in a tube with a pump at the end and although it gives it a more high-end feel, I worried that the pump wouldn’t work as well as your simple straight-from-the-tube product. I get why it’s packaged this way (prevents contamination), but sometimes pumps stick or don’t work properly. Sure enough, it took me more than a couple of pumps to finally get it going.

Once I’d managed to get the product out of the tube, any reticence on my part was quickly dismissed. This BB cream is a dream. No, seriously. It’s knocked all the BB creams I’ve tried out of the water. Although it’s a lightweight formula, it has supremely high moisturising qualities and managed to fix the dry, almost cracking skin around my nose. The coverage is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t want to feel like their face is caked in make-up. It was enough to cover the redness around my nose (thanks, Jozi winter) but not enough to make me feel like I was wearing make-up.

One of the problems I’ve found with other BB creams is that I’m worried about it brushing off on clothes. I’m currently wrapped up in my longest, thickest black scarf and, since I usually wear black, I have found some BB creams tend to leave that tell-tale foundation mark on darker clothing. OFRA’s BB cream doesn’t do this (even when I tried rubbing my scarf on it – the things I do for beauty) and actually feels much more like a moisturiser that’s absorbed really quickly.

I’ve had loads of comments on my skin tone when wearing it and I’m actually afraid to leave the house without it because my natural face, in comparison, looks like death. So thanks a lot, OFRA. I’m now stuck with your fabulous product!

OFRA BB cream retails at R285.28 or you can get it through the online store for R250.25. One of the best things about the online store is that it lists all the ingredients included in a product’s formulation. Among other things, the BB cream contains: aloe vera, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, avocado oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, chamomile extract and shea butter – so you can understand why it’s so moisturising.


7 thoughts on “OFRA Cosmetics BB Cream

  1. Mother City Mom says:

    I am thinking of getting this at the pop up store this Friday. Does it have an SPF? That is the kicker for me. I also can’t deal with foundation lately as my skin is so dry, so BB cream is my answer. I currently use the Stila illuminating beauty balm

  2. Kathy says:

    Better than the Smashbox BB cream? I know its more expensive (about R385) but it makes my skin feel like a dream! Would give this a try though, coming recommended from you 🙂

    • BeautyBloggess says:

      I can’t say I’ve used the Smashbox BB cream long enough to comment. I gave OFRA a hell of a trial over a couple of weeks. I’ve only really tried Smashbox in-store. I love Smashbox as a brand and, in its price range, it does really well. But for R250, this is a clear winner. Honestly, I’d expect to pay more for a product of this quality.

      (Note to OFRA: please don’t increase the price based on that :D)


    • BeautyBloggess says:


      I started using it on dry winter skin, which it sorted out. My skin has gone back to it’s normal combination skin type and find that I don’t need to use a moisturiser. It seems to have a balancing effect on my skin.

      If you have oily skin, I’d apply it without the moisturiser and see if it works for you. The whole point of a BB cream is to effectively replace your moisturiser so whatever your skin type, I wouldn’t use this with a moisturiser.


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