The Laser Beautique

FATHERS-DAY-2013With Father’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure many of you are in the same boat as I am – that proverbial sinking boat known as ‘what on earth do I buy for a grumpy old man’. In the past I haven’t given it much thought, which is why I’m quite convinced that I have single-handedly kept the sock manufacturing industry afloat. This year, however, I wanted to do something different, so I started thinking about what I remember my father complaining about the most throughout the years, and the answer was clear: shaving. He would complain about having to shave every morning, about the price of good razor blades, about the ingrown hairs he would get, about how dry it made his skin in winter, and the list goes on like this for quite a while.

Naturally my first thought was to buy some form of shaving kit, as this required very little effort on my part, but upon further reflection I realised that a shaving kit does not solve any of the problems listed above – in fact it would simply lead to more complaining that I would have to listen to. This led me to the realisation that the only way to stop my father from complaining about shaving, is to give him something that would mean he could stop shaving – and for those of you who haven’t realised where this is heading, we are talking about hair removal.

Now there are two methods of hair removal. Firstly, we have waxing, which was entirely out of the question as my father, like most men, has a pain threshold equivalent to that of a professional football player. So the only remaining avenue was Laser Hair Removal, but to be honest I didn’t know anything about this at all, other than it involves a laser – and the idea of having a laser fired at me sounds painful. But even so, I decided to take it upon myself to try it out and see if it is, indeed, the ideal father’s day gift.

I was still slightly hesitant, however, as I have read about cases in which the laser treatment was extremely painful, and it has been known to cause scarring, sometimes permanent. I asked around, and a friend suggested I try The Laser Beautique, which has branches in Morningside and Bedford View, as well as in Pretoria, and it turns out that they offer pain-free laser treatments – and after having undergone a treatment I can confirm that there is no pain whatsoever. The Laser Beautique is one of the only treatment centres in South Africa that has the special laser machines that allow for painless hair reduction (called the Soprano XL), which I was very glad to hear. These machines also allow for nose hairs and ear hairs to be treated, which is something all men who have hair in those places should go for.

The actual process the Soprano XL uses is exactly the same – a laser is fired at the hair follicles with the sole purpose of destroying them, but the difference between The Laser Beautique’s treatment and traditional methods is the intensity of the laser. The Laser Beautique uses a lower intensity laser, over a longer period of time. The results are exactly the same, but there is no pain at all – I had my neckline and shave line treated and there was only a slight prickling sensation which is more ticklish than anything else. Think of it in terms of a hot bath. If you drawer a boiling hot bath and try and get in, you will burn yourself and possibly win a Darwin award. But if you get into a warm bath and gradually increase the temperature of the water, then you can withstand even higher temperatures without feeling any pain or discomfort.

Another advantage to this method is the fact that it is more effective at hair reduction and requires fewer sessions, which saves you both time and money. Depending on the area you wanted treated, you will need between 8-10 or 10-12 treatments, every 4 to 6 weeks – it depends entirely on the individual’s hair growth, hormones, etc. Treatments are very quick as well, and I was in and out of the centre in 20 minutes.

After undergoing the treatment and seeing the results for myself, I must admit that it is well worth it. While it does work out to be quite a cost for all of the sessions, it is more of an investment than anything else as it is reducing the amount of hair, as well as removing the need to shave as often – which is great considering how damaging to your skin shaving is. The Laser Beautique also has a range of special offers and discount packages, as well as a loyalty incentive program with rewards – all of which make it a more than affordable gift. Alternatively, you could always ask your mother if she would consider you getting rid of your father’s back hair an early birthday present to her – thus killing two birds with one stone.

I was left with one last challenge: convincing my father, who is about as metrosexual as a Tibetan goat herder, to give this a try. Before buying the sessions for him, I wanted to check that he would at least give it a try – and to my surprise he took to the idea very quickly. All I had to mention was the fact that he would have to shave less often and he was in – and a lot more excited than he would have been over a pair of socks. For those of you who are struggling to think of a good Father’s Day gift, or would like to do something special for the old man, I give this a strong recommendation.


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