L’Oréal Professional launches new straightening treatment

lorealsteampodWhen you hear the name L’Oréal, most people think of the mass produced, middle of the range products that the company is so good at. In fact,L’Oréal is such a well known brand than they account for a rather large portion of market share in most countries.

What many people don’t realise though, is that L’Oréal is extremely active in technological development investing huge amounts in R&D, not just to benefit the company, but in other areas such as animal rights and women’s rights. But that’s another story for another time…

More recently, L’Oréal Professional launched its new Steampod hair straightening concept. When it comes to hair care, L’Oréal is without a doubt one of the best. Hair straightening treatments are even more popular than ever after the Brazilian blowdry came to town and since then I’ve been looking for another alternative. I have naturally wavy hair but it’s so thin and fine that it goes dead straight if you look at it sternly. Keeping it that way, however, is another matter.

So what exactly is Steampod? It’s a straightening process using a combination of steam technology and straightening products. L’Oréal has teamed up with devices manufacturer Rowenta for this one to offer an in-salon treatment, as well as a retail solution for home use.

The styling products include a serum and two pro-keratin-enriched creams, each catering to a specific hair type (very damaged, medium to highly sensitive hair, or natural to slightly sensitive hair). The iron releases a continuous stream of high pressure steam that opens up the hair cuticle so products can penetrate deep into the hair shaft. The hot plates then seal the cuticle leaving the hair smooth and shiny. There are also two treatments: Steam Liss, which lasts for up to 72 hours; and Ultimate Liss, which lasts for up to several weeks.

lorealserum lorealcream2 lorealcream

One of the biggest issues with hair is that the use of heat styling has left hair dry and damaged. The new Steampod treatment promises to actually moisturise the hair and doesn’t leave your hair feeling dry after. Those who’ve tried it have said it actually leaves their hair in better condition afterwards. I’m definitely keen to give it a try.


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