Crabtree & Evelyn’s Evelyn Rose Collection

Crabtree_Evelyn_Evelyn_Rose_Body_CollectionIt’s no secret that I’m a huge Crabtree & Evelyn fan. I have been ever since I was a child so when I heard they were relaunching their rose range with a new fragrance, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The launch was typical C&E – held in the tearoom at the Design Quarter, we were spoilt with goodies and a quick presentation over tea (or coffee!) and scones. Aside from the goodie bag with products from the new range, as well as a teaser for some upcoming launches, we also got to take home a rose bush to plant in our gardens.

The new Evelyn Rose Collection is exquisite. It has been re-imagined and reworked into a softer, more delicate translation of the rose originally created by expert David Austin over two decades ago. One of the reasons that I love this brand so much is that it’s taken its old English heritage and managed to make it more accessible to a younger, more modern market today. For a brand that prides itself on history, it’s managed to remain relevant to its customer base and even garnered more fans from the younger market segments.

rose collection solidIt’s a classic story that’s epitomised in the Evelyn Rose collection. This isn’t the rose slash geranium combo you associate with old grannies and powder rooms. It’s far more delicate and sensual, giving a romantic, feminine feel to the collection. Rose has never been one of my favourite scents but I’m currently carrying around the solid perfume with its rose-engraved packaging in my handbag and can’t get enough of the fragrance.

Evelyn Rose EDP 50ml – R900

Evelyn Rose Body Lotion – R375

Evelyn Rose Bath and Shower Gel – R350

Evelyn Rose Body Cream – R600

Evelyn Rose Solid Perfume – R550

Evelyn Rose Hand Therapy – R350


4 thoughts on “Crabtree & Evelyn’s Evelyn Rose Collection

  1. suaaddartistry says:

    Sounds gorgeous. I generally run away as far as I can from Rose scented body products as they are def way too “granny” but it’s great to see a brand reintroducing rose in a modern way and catering for a younger market. Nice article ♡

    • BeautyBloggess says:

      I’m usually the same. I find rose scented stuff often has that old fashioned scent but this is a much more sophisticated fragrance. Definitely pop in and give it a sniff 🙂 x

    • BeautyBloggess says:

      Hi Irina

      It’s possible that you’re having a case of olfactory fatigue (sounds a lot fancier than it is, really). When you get used to a fragrance, your brain starts to shut out the smell to the point where you almost can’t smell it anymore. I find solid perfumes – and this one in particular – actually last longer than alcohol-based fragrances since there is more for the fragrance molecules to effectively stick to. My suggestion: ask someone who hasn’t been around you to smell the fragrance after a few hours. Chances are, they’re still smelling it, even if you aren’t.


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