Bonang Matheba announced as Revlon’s first South African ambassador

BonangLast week, Revlon sent out an emailer that said the company would make a big announcement on Friday regarding the company’s future. Being the Anxious Annie that I am, of course I started imagining the worst. Luckily, my source for breaking beauty news (hello, Twitter!) and the beauty industry’s inability to keep a secret meant that I soon discovered it was just an announcement of a new brand ambassador.

We all know the typical brand ambassadors for beauty brands are often international celebs and It-girls of the week. So when a company announces a local lovely as a brand ambassador, it usually means they’re finally taking into account that a Saffa face for a brand shows customers that they’re really thinking of how to relate to their local customers. I love it when international brands partner with South Africans – it makes the brand more genuine and relatable. At least, it does for me.

So when I heard that gorgeous Bonang Matheba was partnering with Revlon to be the company’s first South African ambassador, I was thrilled. At just 25, she’s been targeted as “one to watch” over the next few years and with her experience as a DJ, presenter and entrepreneur, I think she’s well on her way to Media Darling status.

Congrats, Bonang. I hope the partnership goes well and that you use your position to help customers realise that Revlon isn’t just an international brand, but also one that takes the local market seriously.


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