P&G to manufacture and sell Alexander McQueen fragrance

imagesTwo fragrance contracts in the space of a week! Following the announcement that Procter & Gamble (P&G) has signed a licence agreement with fashion label Stella McCartney, P&G have now announced another partnership with a fashion brand – this time it’s Alexander McQueen.

According to a press release, P&G Prestige has signed a contract to “manufacture and sell [Alexander McQueen] fragrance products. P&G will begin to develop and market fragrances under the Alexander McQueen brand name effective immediately.”

“Alexander McQueen has captured the imagination of the world in a unique and indelible way. The brand has become synonymous with modern British couture and will bring their incredibly passionate and emotional point of view to fragrance,” said Joanne Crewes, President, P&G Prestige. “Alexander McQueen brings a unique perspective to the P&G Prestige portfolio. The contrasting elements of their design approach: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and severity is incredibly rich territory for fragrance development.”

Sarah Burton, Creative Director of Alexander McQueen said: “Creating a fragrance feels like a natural progression as it enhances the world of Alexander McQueen. I’m very excited by this opportunity to collaborate with P&G Prestige, to work together to create a scent that captures the unique sensibility of the house”.

Definitely a good turn from the overabundance of celebrity fragrances that have been dominating the fragrance market. Personally, I’d rather buy a fragrance associated with a fashion brand than a teen YouTube sensation. But maybe that’s just me?


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