Philip Kingsley revamps website

There’s a lot going on in hair care product development and research into common hair problems lately. There have been rumours of possible developments in hair colour (how to prevent hair from going grey), new straightening treatments and loads of products launching that promise to target hair fall and thinning hair.

One of the biggest concerns I often hear about is premature balding (alopecia) or, and this is particularly a big concern in SA, traction alopecia. The popularity of styles such as weaves, extensions and braids result in a constant pulling of the hair causing it to fall out and creating bald spots or patches.

One of my favourite hair care bands is Philip Kingsley. This UK-based brand takes great pride in the fact that it is at the forefront of the study of hair and the scalp (trichology) and creates products that don’t just treat the hair but the scalp too.

It recently revamped the international website. I checked it out and can honestly say I’m beyond impressed. There’s a plethora of info on hair from styles to types, blogposts about recent developments, as well as the standard info on the brand. The design is clean, minimalist and user friendly. I’m definitely going to be visiting it more often to make sure I know what’s happening in the world of hair care.

Check it out for yourself. Thoughts? Philip Kingsley website


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