Stan Lee launches new cologne

SLCol3Confession: I’m a geek and I’m proud of it. Ever since I got my first pair of glasses (grade one, my friends), I’ve been tormented, teased and mercilessly laughed at for my lack of restraint when it comes to things that excite me. I grew up with Star Wars, my dad is a scientist, and I was equally excited about Lego as I was Barbie. I was doomed.

So of course when I saw that the legendary Stan Lee was launching a cologne, I squeed (it’s a high-pitched combination of a shriek and a squeal). Yay for products that combine my love of cosmetic products and comic books.

It’s being launched through JAD International (the same guys that brought you Hulk and Spiderman sunscreen bands so although it’s not available in SA yet, you can order through them online.

Apparently Stan Lee was actually quite involved in the creation of this fragrance. The press release states: “Stan Lee Signature Cologne is a fresh and sophisticated fragrance for the adventurous with blends of bergamot, ginger, white pepper, basil, and violet and features layers of cedar, vetiver and musk accords. It will retail for $24.99 and will be available on the JADS website. The cologne will also be sold at Comic-Con events and Wizard World shows across the US.”

If you’re interested, check out international distributor Amidax Trading or email Marcelo on


One thought on “Stan Lee launches new cologne

  1. suaaddartistry says:

    This is so freaken cool! Who wouldn’t want to smell like a superhero and from my POV, Marvel characters are the best 😀 I’m re-watching Heroes (WHY did they cancel such an awesome show?) and it was a real lekker thrill to see Stan make an appearance as a bus driver, lol.

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