Growth in UK for SPF-containing products

You know how excited I get about BB creams? One of the reasons is because I’m so paranoid about sun damage and since most BB creams contain an SPF of at least 15, it puts my mind at ease and makes sure I’m protected, without me having to actually apply the stuff.

Research company The NPD Group recently released a study showing the increasing in SPF-containing products in the UK. According to an article on Cosmetic Business, “prestige beauty products containing SPF have seen 11% growth versus the same time last year”. You can read the full article here

I have a sneaky suspicion that the rise in popularity of BB creams, and a growing awareness from consumers regarding the dangers of sun damage, are responsible. I’m also extremely proud that manufacturers are now including sun protection in such a multitude of products. If this is what’s happening in somewhere like the UK, which we all know is notorious for dark days, then I’d be very curious to find out what’s happening in SA where we’re constantly exposed to a harsher sun and, I think, have an even greater awareness of correct sun care.


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