Skin care brand specifically for smokers

noxidoxi_un_dommage_cibleSkin care for smokers. Have you ever? 

I recently came across an article on Cosmetic Business regarding a brand called Noxidoxi. Apparently it’s a French skin care brand formulated specifically for smokers. The first launch was a lip care product that promised to deal with the dehydration and fine lips around the lip area that are synonymous with smoking.

One of the reasons I never took up the habit is because of my fear of premature ageing (I’m terrified) and the damage it would do to my skin, let alone my lungs. I would worry that a product like this effectively gives smokers even more of a reason to light up. Oh well, you know what they say. Where there’s a market…

The latest product from the brand is Mask & Peel which “contains grains of silica to exfoliate impurities and dead skin; salicylic acid to unblock pores and smooth skin texture; and Asparlyne, a compound created by Solabia and containing L-lysine, combined in the form of aspartic acid salt, to reactivate the skin’s microcirculation, eliminate toxins and aid the skin to take up nutrients”.

Read the full article: here.  

It was also featured last year on Premium Beauty News. Read more: here.


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