Disney Princesses as GoT characters

I’m a huge fan of Disney Princess art, as well as the series Game of Thrones (Tip: read the books. Then you won’t be miffed when people let loose spoilers. #redwedding). How gorgeous are these images of Disney Princesses as GoT characters?

I love Aurora as Cersei – she’s my favourite princess and I even had the Sleeping Beauty Barbie doll when I was little. Confession: I still have her packed away somewhere along with my Hollywood Ken doll. What? They’re “collectables”.

The artist, the fabulous and clearly multi-talented Sam Tsui (check out his YouTube channel TheSamTsui for some amazing covers of your favourite songs), has even given her a rather evil looking expression with stunning cat-eye liner. Seriously, there is so much love for this series, I had a little squee when I first saw it.

See the full series on Buzzfeed – who’s your favourite?

Check out more of Sam’s work at http://djedjehuti.deviantart.com 


Belle literally means “beautiful” in French. Margaery is apparently the most beautiful woman in Westeros. Totes appropos.

Cersei Merida


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