Today… Happy Hump Day!

I love Cookie Monster. In fact, I love him so much that I even dressed up as him one Halloween when I was two (my family lived in the US for a year then so of course we took part in all your typical US traditions, especially the ones involving candy). I’m pretty sure we have the photo around somewhere so will try to track that down for you. Just promise not to judge my hairstyle – I was practically bald until I was four.

All that aside, he is still one of my favourite childhood characters. Admit it, you’re just as obsessed with cookies and if you too were a furry blue creature who didn’t have to worry about silly things like weight gain and developing diabetes, you’d also devote your life to the acquiring of said cookies.

My brother-in-law does a great impression. Except he adapts it to what he believes is my response to chocolate. Instead of repeating “cookiecookiecookiecookiecookie” (see, no spaces because he says it super fast!), his impersonation of me is: “chocciechocciechocciechocciechoccie”, which I have to agree is rather accurate.

But anyway, have a giggle for the day. We all deserve it.




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