Nivea Body Moisturiser Cocoa Butter

Mmmm…if you haven’t tried this moisturiser out yet, then you really need to get yourself to your nearest Clicks. The first thing you’ll note is that it smells so nice you’ll want to eat it.

I’ve had an on-going love affair with Nivea since my teen years – like pretty much every other girl on the planet. As I grew older and started working, I found myself with a bit more disposable income than my high school allowance and was able to branch out into other more luxury brands. And yet, I still return over and over again to Nivea.

It’s not a high-end brand. It’s not going to get rid of cellulite, eliminate wrinkles or make you coffee, but it will deliver continuously and consistently on the promises it makes.


One of the things I love the most about Nivea is that even though it isn’t aimed at the luxury market, it still goes above and beyond to bring you the latest in skin care innovations. From the body oils to in-shower creams, it keeps trying to push the boundaries of what you’d expect from skin care products. It creates benchmarks and often leaves other personal care brands years behind in technological developments.

But back to the Cocoa Butter moisturiser. It’s a rich, heavy and luxurious cream that is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave you feeling oily. The fragrance is the nicest cocoa butter scent I’ve come across in a long time and with the weather us Jozi girls have been experiencing lately, it’s deliciously comfortable. With ingredients like cocoa butter, vitamin E and even the popular coconut oil (seriously, it’s in everything at the moment), it’s no wonder that it feels like butter. It also contains Nivea’s patented Hydra IQ technology (a specifically formulated moisturising complex) that promises to hydrate for 48 hours.


I swear, Jozi lovelies, you know what winter up here is like. Dry, flaky skin, the dash from the shower to fully dressed in 0,3 seconds and how hard it is to stand in the cold air while you apply the moisturiser (and then wait for it to absorbs!) your skin so desperately craves. If we had winter Christmases, this would be the product I’d put in everyone’s stockings. The best bit is that it comes in a 400ml bottle for only R40. The 250ml bottle is R30, but trust me, you’ll want need the big one.


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