The hunt for the magazine holder

I worked it out yesterday. I’ve spent 6 years in publishing. That’s 6 years working in magazines. What do people who work in magazines do? They keep them. I defend myself under the guise of “they’re for my portfolio!”, but to date have never actually walked into a job interview with more than 2 or 3 issues to show my previous work. And to be honest, it would probably make more sense for me to scan them or get hold of certain PDFs and create an online portfolio. But I am a self-confessed hoarder of magazines – plus, they look pretty!

So after 6 years working on 8 monthly magazines and another 2 quarterly magazines, you could say my stash is a little excessive. In fact, they take up most of my life. From bookshelves to coffee tables to guest bedroom side tables to my desk at the office, I’m surrounded by magazines. And like any other normal beauty obsessed girl, they need to look pretty.

Finding beautiful magazine holders in South Africa has proven more difficult than I would have thought. My first set came with the millions of back issues at my first job – hideous green and red things bought in bulk from some office supply warehouse closing down sale. They really were cheap and nasty. So I decided to zhoosh up my collection at home with a few. Imagine my surprise when all I could find were more red, green and even that gross navy colour you get office diaries in. I had to expand my search.

Luckily, my sister lives in the US and they have this place called The Container Store. It’s pretty much heaven-on-earth for stationery addicts, hoarders and people suffering from OCD. Not only is the store amazing, but there’s an online version too…woot! My first beautiful set of magazine holders were black with a white floral pattern on them. Although they are cardboard, they’ve lasted really long, look amazing on my bookshelves and were the only ones I could fit into my suitcase home.


Since then, I’ve kept a close eye on magazine holders when out and about. Since I started full time work again, I find myself once more on the hunt for magazine holders. Unable to wait until my next trip to the US, I ran faithfully to my favourite stationery stores in Joburg. Typo was first on the list, but not only did they not have, but the usually helpful salespeople had no clue what I was going on about. Waltons and Herbert Evans gave me a similar result. Luckily, I came across a saviour in the form of…of all places…PNA. I actually walked in completely by accident while on the hunt for a new stapler. But when I came across this, my heart was sold. So far, they have the best collection. It’s not a wide selection and at R50 a pop, they aren’t exactly your office warehouse sale prices, but they do have colours I actually like and I even managed to track down some purple ones.


I am, however, on the case to find more and I’ve come across these below as inspiration. If you’re travelling or find some while wandering around, please let me know!


CS_Magholder_3 CS_Magsholder_1

These are all currently available at The Container Store. I love the white cut-out one! Sister, if you’re reading this…*hint hint*.


magpurpleMagholder - purple







This is the best I could get from a Google search for purple ones. None of them are particularly inspired, but they aren’t terrible.

Magholder - typo magholder-myprettyoffice mag holder pink






I love the pink one with swallows from Typo (not available in SA, apparently). The three follow on that cut-out trend I loved from The Container Store. These are from a website called My Pretty Office, which has super cute stuff…wonder if they deliver to SA. The wire mesh ones on the right are courtesy of IKEA – aka, the place I want to move into and live forever.


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