The Body Shop’s new Blueberry Shower Gel

As far as I’m concerned, the best way to tell someone is interested in beauty (and get serious beauty blogger cred), is by the amount of loyalty cards they have. Much like the I expect the fashion bloggers have store cards for everywhere, I’m at the stage where I have more beauty loyalty and store cards than actual bank or credit cards. Which is a good thing, right?

Ahh…the joys of ebucks earned at DisChem. Or the voucher spoils you get from your monthly Clicks haul. There’s nothing nicer than the feeling of free money. I also get a little bit of a thrill when I hand over my Sorbet Society card – I feel like I’m part of a secret beauty sect – the Illuminati of skin care. My favourite card this week was my Love Your Body card from The Body Shop.


I love bath and body products, but until we actually get Lush up in Joburg (hint HINT!), our selection of pampering products is rather limited to The Body Shop. Not that I’m complaining, I love The Body Shop. It’s my first stop for Christmas goodies, pamper party presents and even just a little pick-me-up around sales times. You know the products are good quality, decently priced and there’s a plethora of fabulous fragrances to choose from.

I get really excited when I hear about a new Body Shop range. You’re basically guaranteed it’s going to smell AMAZING. But, like every other Body Shop buyer, I have my favourites. For a long time it was the Brazil Nut range, which is still such a favourite that when I received doubles for birthday presents, I was over the moon. The company previously discontinued the range for a few years so now that it’s back, I’m hoarding like a squirrel. Squirrel. I also love the Satusma and Mango ranges. Even the Peach range held a place in my heart (and my handbag) for a while when it came out. Oh, and my go-to product for presents is obviously the Chocomania range.

So when I popped in last week to pick up some spoils for my bestie’s birthday, I ran into: the Blueberry range. I’m not usually a fan of blueberry fragrances. I find them overly sweet and more like a generic berry mix. But the beauty blogs have been going on about it and I did happen to have a points reward voucher from all my Christmas spending so I kind of figured I may as well try it. Plus, when I smelled it in store, I was immediately blown away.


I’ve been trying it out at home for about a week now and aside for the fact that I love it, my boyfriend is already a huge fan as well. The Body Shop does have a men’s range, but I do think it’s a bit small and I haven’t managed to find products for guys there in a few years. The new Blueberry range is quite different though. It doesn’t have that sickly sweet scent and the after effect is a lot milder than you’d find in most berry-“inspired” products. I’m quite sure that the minute I move it into the shower, it’s going to disappear a lot faster than any of my other body washes. So thanks, Body Shop, finally a wash that both genders can use and love! And to my guy readers, try it out. Venture in past the mounds of body butters and just snatch one off the shelf. It’s already a Limited Edition range and I doubt it’s going to be around long.

Blueberry Body Butter – R99

Blueberry Shower Gel – R60

Blueberry Lip Butter – R40

Blueberry Body Scrub – R90

Read more about the range and it’s ingredients (apparently there are oils from at least 500 blueberries) on the website here.


3 thoughts on “The Body Shop’s new Blueberry Shower Gel

  1. Sophie says:

    Blueberry is one of my favorite scents (agreed though, not the overly chemical kind!), I’m so tempted to go to my local Body Shop asap to discover this range! Thanks for the post! 🙂

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