Dr Who TARDIS Lego set

According to the world of geek, Lego has approved the idea of creating a Dr Who themed Lego set and entries are open for ideas and inspiration. How awesome! I’m one of the biggest Whovians I know – my boyfriend has even set his phone to play the TARDIS noise every time I message him – which does pose some difficulty when we’re both at home and I’m too lazy to walk upstairs to show or tell him something. Want to see how quickly a Whovian can move? Play the TARDIS noise. Said boyfriend also named our wifi The Tardis so I get a little thrill every time I come home and my phone says: “Now connected to The_Tardis”. We’re nerdy like that.


Geekology recently posted this article with one of the ideas that’s been put forward for a Dr Who Lego set. If you didn’t play with Lego as a child, you had a deprived childhood. The only thing worse than a ghd burn is the agony of stepping on a Lego brick. But that’s another story for another time.

DrWho3 Docandrose


















I love this concept set. Firstly, the Doctor put forward is my favourite: David Tennant. The idea is to include one of the Classic Who Doctors (so Tom Baker, scarf included) and one of the New Who Doctors. Peter Capaldi is also up as an option. Two companions will be included (either Rose or Clara depending on which New Who Doc is chosen). The TARDIS exterior and interior with the console are also on the list, along with a Dalek, K9 and some options for Weeping Angels and Cybermen.











If you’re Whovian or just a fan of Lego, head on over to the voting page on Lego’s Cuusoo page and click on “Support”. Or just browse around the page. I also came across an idea for the Ghostbusters headquarters, which if it gets through, will definitely be on the list of birthday presents for the Boyfriend next year. It’s only fair that I support his fandoms too, you know 🙂


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