Nivea Anti-perspirant Pearl & Beauty

When I received this product to try out, I will confess to feeling less than inspired. Antiperspirant is not really something I get all that excited about and when manufacturers started coming out with this “for more beautiful underarms” nonsense, I was a little miffed. Seriously, unless you’re walking around waving your hands in the air like you just don’t care EVERY SINGLE DAY, what’s the point? Sounds like another marketing gimmick to me.

But I dutifully added it to the list of “Things I’m Trying” and gave it a bash. And rather surprised myself.


The product contains pearl extract, which is meant to give you the “more beautiful underarms” (go on, read that out loud and see if you don’t laugh), but it turns out also has some other unexpected properties. What I didn’t realise is that pearl extract is not only a skin illuminator, but also has been documented for its anti-ageing properties. It also claims to last for 48 hours. 

While I can’t say I noticed a significant change in the skin tone of my underarms, I was impressed by the staying power. I generally stick to a Dove roll-on with a subtle fragrance that I enjoy, but don’t find too overpowering. At first I was a little disappointed with the fact that the Nivea Anti-perspirant has such a subtle smell that you can’t tell it’s even there, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised this may actually be a benefit for most women. I usually finish off my daily routine with a spritz or two of a favourite perfume so not having another scent to interact with my chosen fragrance is actually a huge benefit.

The best part was that not only did it last the entire day, but it even handled an impromptu 9,5km run I randomly decided to do. I’d already put it on first thing in the morning and decided to go attempt my longest run ever in the late afternoon evening. I didn’t even bother to reapply. When I got back, exhausted and dripping sweat from my brow, I noticed that I’d actually managed to keep my beautiful underarms dry and sweat-free. (I’d been using it for a week now so I feel the claim “my beautiful underarms” is justified.)

I don’t think it’s something I’ll continue using on a daily basis, but for gym days and the future half marathons I will be running, it’s a really effective product!


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