Travelling with Typo

I love my little sister. She’s 13 months younger than me and although we used to (and sometimes still do) argue a lot, she’s one of the few people who I can actually confide in. So when she first told me she was jetting off to The Netherlands in April, I was devastated. My older sister made the move to the US a few years ago so come April, I won’t have any siblings living on the same continent, let alone in the same country or city as me. But, I do think it’s a great move for her and her husband, and they have strict instructions to get a 2-bedroomed place so I can come visit. Or make sure the couch is comfy.

Because the chances of me being there for her birthday in November are basically none, I decided to get her an early-birthday-slash-going-away-slash-omg-I’m-going-to-miss-you present. I knew exactly what to get her because I bought something similar for my mom last year and the little one was so jealous she promptly added it to her wish list. So, off to Typo for me! Again 😀


Typo is currently the only place I have found that is stocking travel wallets that don’t cost more than a flight to Cape Town. Personally, I’ve been eyeing out the purple versions (*hint hint cough cough*), but my sister loves blue and teal is currently her favourite at the moment. She was so excited last week when she won one of the new ghd limited edition stylers in Jade because it also matches her handbag (she’s like me like that). 

I bought her a travel wallet, passport holder and matching eye mask (for all those long haul flights) for a little under R300. The best thing about the travel wallet is that it has built in dividers for your tickets, passport, documents and traveller’s cheques. There is space for some coins as well so you don’t mix up the foreign currency and try hand over a R5 coin to some poor confused shop owner in Dubai (yes, I HAVE done that). It’s also big enough to keep other important things like maps and contact details for the places you’re staying.

wpid-20140313_164223.jpg wpid-20140313_164322.jpgThe matching passport holder had room for two passports (if you’re lucky enough to have a EU or other one) and travel cards. I always keep my Oyster card for the UK in my current travel wallet along with my loyalty cards like SAA Voyager and Flying Blue – just in case you need them or end up somewhere you want need access to one of their lounges. The eye mask was more of an impulse buy because she bought me one for Christmas and I know she’d appreciate having one of her own. I’m going to miss her terribly, but now I have someone else in The Netherlands to visit, which I feel is the perfect excuse to treat myself to the purple version of these.



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