Disney stars as Walking Dead characters

I haven’t watched The Walking Dead. I’m not great with zombies. Vampires, werewolves, kitsune (hey hey, TW fans!)…they’re all fine. But the minute we’re in zombie territory, I’m outtie! (Which, FYI, is apparently one of those misheard things from Clueless – Cher actually says she’s Audi. As in the car.)

But I love me some Disney princess art and since part of my relationship contract concerns what to do in case of the zombie apocalypse (hence my crazy health kick at the moment. Rule 1: Cardio.), this really does appeal to me. Find the rest on Geekology. Merida and Rapunzel are noteworthy. Artwork by Kasami-Sensei on deviantART – who, of course, was also responsible for the Twisted Disney series. Take a look here.

WD_Pocahantus WD_AnnaandElsa WD_Christoff WD_Disney


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