Nivea Creme Shower Gels review

I’ve often featured Nivea and I’ve said it before that they are a favoured personal care brand. I was recently sent some of their shower gels to try out. Although I missed what I believe was a fabulous launch with food pairing (to showcase the ingredients) with chef Luke Dale-Roberts, I was still lucky enough to get hold of the press pack afterward.


It’s really hard to choose a favourite out of these ones. Each has a very distinct and different fragrance, although ultimately they all the same thing and have very similar formulations. So this is what I’ve come up with.

The Pure Fresh version is going straight into the shower. It’s the kind of thing you want need just after a hectic gym workout (or when you randomly decide to run your first 9,5km run). I love the fresh scent and because it’s a gel wash, it’s super foamy (that’s a technical term, I’ll have you know!). My boyfriend is also quite a fan.

The Creme Coconut is currently moving around the house depending on my mood. I’m not a huge fan of coconut fragrances. I may have had one too many Malibu-and-Cokes back in my youth – I know, ew! But this is a really moisturising wash and I do find that my skin is a lot softer and smoother for a good 24 hours after use.

I do think though, if I HAD to decide on just one – like, if the lives of my loved ones depended on me choosing a body wash – I would go for the Creme Care. It has the original Nivea Body Cream fragrance that the brand is famous for. Nothing gives you the feeling of fresh and clean more than this, and it reminds me of high school when everyone was using the body lotion. Like the coconut one, it is also extremely moisturising – thanks to Nivea’s HydraQ moisturising technology. It’s currently sitting on the bathtub and I can’t wait for winter when I have a real excuse to lather up.

Each is available in 250ml for just R28.99


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