My Typo haul

So I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to Typo. Now, if you don’t know what that is or what it means, then I don’t think we can be friends. And in the spirit of confessions, I also have a mild form of OCD. Basically, when I’m stressed or upset or anxious, I organise. Which is where Typo comes in. I first heard about this magical place from fellow blogger Chereen from For the beauty of it. She did a brilliant post on how she was organising her finances using  really cute folders from Typo. My response was: “Where is this heavenly place and how do I not know about it!?” Sadly, at that point, there was only a store in Cape Town. Grumble, grumble, stupid mountain. So you can imagine the happy dance (no, really, there was actual dancing) when I walked past a closed-up storefront in Sandton City that had the words: “Typo. Coming Soon.” plastered across the door.

Since then, I’m in the store more often than I can admit. It’s one of my happy places. Oh, and I now have one less than 5 minutes from my office. Squee!

A few weeks ago, I broke my stapler. In all fairness, it was one of those mini plastic-y things we used to have in school because they fitted inside our pencil cases. I only kept it because it was teal and that went with the colour scheme I’m using for my cubicle at work. I’m actually surprised it lasted this long. So, of course, I trekked off happily to my favourite stationery store satisfied with the knowledge that I had a legitimate reason to go. Not just to browse and drool over all the envy-inducing stock. (I swear, if I had a study, it would look like a Typo store – the Sandton store even has old-fashioned typewriters dangling in the window.) Once inside Typo, however, my addiction took over…


Instead of one stapler, I came home with a stapler, a new file, an eye mask and a 2014 calendar. It may seem like a bit of a splurge, but I really REALLY needed everything. Firstly, the stapler… this one is super cute, big and actually quite hefty. Great for all the stapling I do on a daily basis – don’t laugh, you’d be surprised at how often I actually use one. At R99, it’s not the cheapest one on the market and I’d personally have preferred a different colour, but this was the only one in stock at the Nicolway store. I’m sure Sandton has a bigger selection, but I wasn’t driving all the way there just for a stapler.


The eye mask also has a perfectly valid reason for the purchase. My sister actually bought me the exact one for Christmas last year. I absolutely love it. I sleep with a mask on so when my free airplane one stretched beyond repair, I was distraught. It’s not actually that easy to find a replacement! Typo has a HUGE selection at the moment and they’re pretty decently priced at R39.99. So why did I get one if I already have one? My cat killed it. She has a tendency to get confused between play time and bed time and when I picked it up after knocking it off the floor, she dive-bombed it and snapped the elastic (note: the elastics are not kitty-proof). I love this one so much (it matches my pjs – part of that OCD thing) and it says: “If you need me, I’ll be in Paris”, so there really wasn’t any other option when it came down to it.

Clearly I have a thing for Paris (“Hi, I’m Nikki and I’m a francophile.”) and this mini calendar has some stunning vintage images of Paris. I don’t really *need* a calendar, but I love the images so much that I just want this year to be over. I’m going to frame them and put them up somewhere in the house as wall art. I mean, it’s R20 for 12 pictures. All I have to do now is find 12 little, preferably not super expensive frames! How smart am I? 😀


Lastly, the file. It’s black, whit and  pink. It has polka dots. It has an inspirational message with the words: DREAM, SPARKLE and SHINE on it. What other reasons do you need? This was R59.99, but the awesome thing about Typo is that they give “student” discounts on certain school necessities. I may not be in school anymore, but the discount still applied. So I got it for R42. Oh, and I plan to use it for blogging organising so I can actually keep track of what’s coming in and going out and hopefully not find myself overwhelmed like I did last year.

Dear Typo  

Please make a South African website. The international one just doesn’t cut it. Also, if you created an online store, I’d be your best customer.

Love Nix


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