Gary Rom: Winter hair care

Winter is coming (and yes, so is the return of S4 of GoT so expect many, many more references). For Joburg girls, that can only mean one thing – dry, dry, dry. From skin to hair to lips, the cold winter air is so devoid of moisture up in the North that most girls I know dread these upcoming months.

Luckily, Gary Rom has a range of products to keep your locks “locked-in” with moisture.

“Remember that the cold air outside and the heaters inside both remove moisture from your hair so it’s extremely important to treat your hair more often in the winter months.” – Freya Labuschange, stylist, Gary Rom Hairdressing Woodlands.

For blondes:

Blonde hair tends to get hit a bit harder than other colours during the dry winter months. A combination of environment factors and the bleach needed to get that platinum look (or even just those subtle highlights or ombre look you’ve been sporting) can lead to hair that’s dry, brittle and coarse. Although they may have more fun, blondes in particular need to take extra care and use a product specifically formulated to address dryness and add moisture. Blonde Brilliance Shampoo (R280) and the Blonde Therapy Masque (R445) are a great way to start.

Blonde Therapy Masque

For colour-treated hair:

If you’re like me, you probably haven’t seen your natural hair colour in quite a few years. Thanks to my number one blog fan who may have pointed out a few “natural” highlights in my normally dark brown hair recently, I’m now super paranoid about my… uh-hem…*whispers* “grey hairs”. So of course I’ve made an emergency appointment with my hairdresser to sort that out! I know that every time I colour, I treat. It’s a good rule to live by although it can be a little costly to get it done in-salon. The Gary Rom Haircare Replenish Treatment (R345) repairs and protects with ingredients like vitamin E to prevent colour fading.

Replenish Treatment

Scalp soothers:

One of the most obvious signs of dryness is flaking around the scalp. Because our hair starts growing from the scalp, taking care of it is the best way to ensure long-lasting conditioning for your hair. Tricholoists (hair experts) recommend taking care of your scalp first before they even thinking about treating your hair. Build up on the scalp means you should be alternating your normal shampoo with a balancing or clarifying shampoo every now and then. Haircare Pure Balance Shampoo (R235) contains jojoba seed oil and ylang ylang to control sebum production and manage the build up on your scalp. Other ingredients include zinc omadine in case to improve dandruff control. The palm oil coating also helps relieve dry scalps. Another option is Haircare Derma Assist (R290), also available as an in-salon treatment (R395), for scalps that are tight and flaky. Designed to provide immediate relief, it contains niacin to stimulate blood circulation to the area.

Pure Balance Shampoo

Hair protection:

Winter hair trends are going to have you making full use of your flat iron. I can’t stand letting my hair air dry in winter – it’s too cold! I bolt from the shower to the bedroom and get dressed like it’s an Olympic sport. The faster my hair dries, the sooner I can snuggle up on the couch or lounge about on the futon watching the new season of GoT (you noticing a trend here? Excitement is mine!). But because I’m using my heat appliances more frequently, I know how important it is to protect my hair from heat damage. Just like you wouldn’t go outside without sunscreen on, you shouldn’t use hair driers and flat irons without products created for heat protection. Haircare Mist Hydrate (R205) is a leave-in spray conditioner with thermal protection. It also contains dimethicone (a silicone) which leaves your hair soft and silky. Haircare Hydro Defense (R315) nourishes and repairs, using potato starch for style support, hold and heat protection.

Mist Hydrate

For fine hair:

I have ridiculously thin fine hair that often results in flat, lifeless hair or flyaways or even static hair. Seriously, as much as I love straight hair, all it takes for mine to lose its curl is a stern look (and maybe a quick blow-wave). There’s been so much lately about hair oils and oil treatments that I’m really keen to give them all a try. Gary Rom has its offering to this trend with Haircare Baobab Oil (R375). Last winter, I tried baobab oil in the bath and on my skin and found it did wonders for my dry patches. So I’m pretty sure using it on my hair will be just as moisturising. I think out of all the products on offer this season from Gary Rom, this is the one I’m the most excited about. Thick, luscious locks…here I come!

Baobab Oil


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