My Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

Winter is coming (told you there’d be more of that) and one of my favourite things about this season is the fashion! Boots and scarves and gloves and more boots and tights with dresses and coats and…did I mention boots? There are a few trends that we’re expecting to see pop up in stores over the next few weeks – some of them have already made their ways into stores and closets across the country, but I’ve been holding on to thoughts of summer a little longer than usual so I think it’s time for a round up of what I’m hoping to update my wardrobe with this winter.

1. Tartan dress: Checks are everywhere this season and I love this dress, (R395) from










2. Cosy knits: purple knit (R340) and heart knit (R595), both from

Purple knit Hearts










3. Denim chambray. I love the simplicity of these shirts. They’re super casual and can be dressed up for a night out or for work. Light denim polka dot, R119,25 from Mr Price and Long-sleeved chambray shirt, R350 from Woolworths.











4. Flat over-the-knee boots. These Audrey boots from Witchery (R2 099) @ Woolworths have featured on a number of local blogs – you can see why.











5. Brown boots. I’ve been stalking these Tory Burch boots for weeks on Pinterest. Luminance stocks Tory Burch. It’s basically a sign.

Tory Burch boots


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