I’ll be right back…

Yikes! I worked so hard creating and scheduling posts for the Easter weekend that I didn’t realise I’d be SWAMPED for the next two weeks! These public holidays are a bit of a killer for anyone not on leave and especially in publishing where you know people will go off and be unavailable so you try to get everything ready at least one week ahead of schedule. I’ve even cancelled my leave for this week – boo! 😦

So apologies for the lull. Apart from a rather frenetic period at my day job, I’m also snowed under with freelance work at the moment on top of trying to balance an abnormally full social life (no, really – The Boyfriend thinks we need to start culling friends because almost every weekend is a birthday or function of some sort), keep up with family and do some modicum of exercise. Oh, and I’m housesitting. I promise to get back to my regular scheduled programme of posting as soon as…things calm down? Yeah, right. Like that ever happens.

In the meantime, enjoy a cute cartoon about bees that I found when I Googled “overwhelmed cartoon”. Enjoy!



P.S. If you’re one of the lucky ones to be on leave and visiting somewhere fabulous, keep it off Facebook. The rest of us are bleak enough without your beach-cocktail-beautiful-sunset-instagrams being shoved in our faces. #totesjelly


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