Winter trend alert!

Hmmm…anyone else starting to feel the cold a lot more than last week? The evenings are undoubtedly cold and I’m always tottering around the house bundled up in jerseys and socks. Luckily, I love winter! I’ve been stalking the online stores and actually reading the mailers from local retails so there’s another trend I’ve picked up on that I want to share. Quilted!

From shoes to jackets, and I even saw a pair of “quilted joggers”, there’s clearly a trend going on here. I’m very selective about this trend and be careful not to overdo it. Head-to-toe quilts? Not great. One item mixed with another texture? Totes on trend (see, I’ve even been practising my fashion speak for you).

What do you think? Something you’re into or giving it a skip?

From left:

Quilted boots, R625, Rage @ Quilted purple bag, R550, Pierre Cardin @ Quilted suede panel coat, R650, Woolworths. Quilted track top, R299, Woolworths. Quilted clutch, R499, Country Road @ Woolworths


quilt 2 quilt1 Quilted 4 Quilted 5 Quilted 6


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