Spree.co.za launches beauty section

So this is ridiculously exciting news if you’re me. My favourite online shopping store, www.spree.co.za, has launched a beauty section! Aside for the usual Revlon and Maybelline products, you can also find brands like Bourjois, Decleor, Dr Hauschka, L’Occitane and Stila. Essence is also on the line up.

Spree is a brilliant site filled with loads of beautiful items. It’s great for gift shopping or getting hold of some of your favourite items at a discount. So far, I’ve never had to return a single item and I love getting the beautifully wrapped package containing my orders.


One of the other reasons I’m really excited about this is the campaign they’re using to launch the section. The fabulous Not Another Poppie has more details on her blog so quickly head on over and check out the competition. You can win yourself a beauty trend box to the value of R1 000 from Spree!

I took the beauty trend quiz (no, I’m not going to link to it – go to Not Another Poppie! You’ll love her honest reviews and her sense of sarcasm is unparalleled in the beauty blogosphere) and got Berry Babe, which I think is a perfect description of me:

Feminine and romantic, berry-licious shades of pink, red and purple appeal to your inner girlie girl. In your pretty (pink) make-up bag, we’re sure to find a luscious wine-hued lip colour, a beautiful blusher, and pink or purple eyeshadow. Get the Winter Beauty Trend: http://bit.ly/RHG2K8

What do you think? Did you take the quiz? What’s your Winter Beauty Trend?

berry babe


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