The best make-up workshop ever

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess (me, of course). She was obsessed with all things beautiful and pretty often frolicking through the City of Sandton hunting down the latest launches and trying all the fragrances. She also had a beautiful little sister, Princess Kathy. When Princess Kathy met her knight in shining armour, Prince Darren, they fell happily in love, got married and moved to a faraway land. The princesses were very sad. They were going to miss each other very much. They promised to keep in touch with the magic mirror known as The Skype.

Before Princess Kathy and Prince Darren left, the sisters decided to do one last thing to celebrate their special sister bond (and learn a new skill at the same time), so they trekked to the land of Krugersdorp to seek out the aid of the fairy godmother-slash-make-up-artist Nerine Bleeker. Nerine had been the fairy godmother (aka MUA) at Princess Kathy’s wedding and had helped create the fairytale wedding that Princess Kathy had always wanted. Nerine had realised that her magical make-up skills could be used by other girls who also wanted to be princesses…and so began The Make-up Workshop of Awesomeness.


The princesses arrived one early Saturday morning (like, seriously, princesses should not be awake before 9am on weekends), because they had a long journey ahead of them. When they arrived in the land of Krugersdorp, they discovered two other princesses were joining them for the day and happily spent the next four hours learning and applying different make-up techniques and chattering away about their favourite beauty products, tips and tricks. After Nerine had shared her magical skills, she took each princess to the White Wall, where they would discover (using the new-fangled device known as A Camera) the effects their own magic had on their appearance. As the day drew to a close, the sisters headed home, happy in the knowledge that they would forever know the secrets to creating The Flawless Foundation and the importance of Blending. And they both lived happily ever after.


Ok, so there may not have been *actual* magic involved and Nerine isn’t *really* a fairy godmother, but seriously. If you want to know what you’re doing and how to create the flawlessness (and the fun!) in the photos below, then there really is only one thing you need to do. Get hold of Nerine at Dandily Make-up Studio: book your spot at her next workshop and come prepared to be amazed. Not only does she show you how to hide your imperfections and highlight your best features, but she also lets you do all of it yourself so you leave knowing full well that the face you’re wearing home is one you can just as easily recreate. Nerine is fantastic at what she does and knows exactly how to make the most complicated steps seem like a breeze. She’s also the best wedding make-up artist in the world and her calm and support gave my sister moments she’ll truly remember forever.

Thank you, Nerine, for making us both look (and feel!) like princesses.



Step 1: Keep an eye on your list so you know what’s coming next!


Step 2: Apply foundation flawlessly

Step 2: Apply foundation flawlessly



Step 3: Eyes!


Step 4: Add blush and learn about contouring. Do not try this unattended!


Step 5: Laugh at the look of intense concentration on your sister’s face.


Step 6: Laugh at the amount of mess you’re capable of making.


Step 7: Laugh at your own awkwardness during your mini photoshoot – included in the price of the workshop. You end up with beautiful photos of your work after a little editing by the Master herself, Nerine.

My Before and After photo.

My Before and After photo.

Princess Kathy's Before and After photo.

Princess Kathy’s Before and After photo.


The final results. Action shot. For the record, I am NOT comfortable in front of a camera.


Silly sisters!


Thanks again, Nerine. You’re an absolute star! Xx

The Details:

Nerine at Dandily Make-up Studio


Cell: 083 452 3320


For more info on the workshop – see below:

makeup-workshop-info copy 2



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