Viktor & Rolf’s new fragrance – Bonbon

Every time I actually manage to get to a product launch, people are surprised to see me. Since starting full time work again and in between keeping up with my freelancing (and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life), I’ve been a little absent on the beauty radar. Which is why when I actually find the time to get to a product launch or, heaven forbid, someone organises a launch AFTER work hours, I’m ecstatic and extremely grateful. So when I got the invite to attend the local launch of Viktor & Rolf’s Bonbon, I was there in a second!

I’ve been a fan of Viktor & Rolf fragrances for a few years now. I adored and still use Flowerbomb when I need a nice, pretty day scent and the award-winning Spicebomb is still in my top 3 male fragrances. It’s also my number one fragrance for packaging, FYI 😉 Bonbon is the third launch for the designers who seem to just “get” me. Their ethos and design aesthetic is just so me that I find it difficult to fault them on anything. And Bonbon is no different.


Originally from the Netherlands (which is why they hold another soft spot in my heart), the pair are relatively new on the fashion scene. They’ve only been around since the early Ninties so it’s not surprising that they are still kind of unknown in SA. While I haven’t had much experience with the fashion side of the brand, their success in fragrance leads to me think I’d probably want to sell my soul for just one of their creations.

The new fragrance is inspired by and celebrates the pure pursuit of pleasures. It’s delicious and indulgent, luxurious yet simple. With top notes of mandarin, orange and peach, it has the the subtlest citrusy scent that you would hardly recognise as citrus when paired with the other notes. The heart notes are caramel and jasmine: two of my favourite scents. Most people pick up the caramel note first but struggle to identify exactly what it is. I love wearing Bonbon around friends because I always get compliments that I “smell good enough to eat”. I know many people aren’t a huge fan of gourmand fragrances (sweet, candy-scented with notes of edible origin – chocolate, vanilla, coffee bean etc) because they can be overwhelming and this is where you really get to experience why Viktor & Rolf are so good at what they do.


This fragrance is one of the most perfectly balanced perfumes I’ve come across. As much as I love being able to identify different fragrance notes, it’s a sign of an expert perfumer when someone smells something and tells you they like it but can’t quite identify why. It means the notes are in harmony with each other so you don’t end up with one sticking out more than the others. It gives you a well-rounded perfume that makes the perfect signature scent. I enjoy trying different fragrances (and quite frankly will wear anything with jasmine notes in it), but this is ultimately my new favourite – plus The Boyfriend loves it 😀

Something else that’s notable about Bonbon is the packaging. For girly girls, it’s a clear winner. With the dark pink bottle bow-shaped bottle, it’s expressly feminine. But I also love the detailing that’s gone into it and the thought behind it. Bonbon, like most confectionaries, is about a gift. A gift to yourself or to others. So that’s where the bow-motif comes in. The ad campaign is literally a woman wrapped in a bow – by the way, that’s body art you’re looking at. It wasn’t digitally added or photoshopped in.


Viktor & Rolf is available at Red Square and selected stores nationwide.



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