Sorbet launches male grooming bar

Well, I for one am super excited about this – even though I’m really not the target market. Sorbet is one of my favourite salon chains.

I often pop in for a quick mani (especially when it comes to my birthday month – thank you, Sorbet loyalty programme) or even to stock up on my favourite skin care brands. When they launched their own range through Clicks, it quickly became a go-to treat for myself or even just a little “thinking of you” spoil for friends. If I’m heading to a pamper party or birthday, there’s no greater treat than a voucher for a massage or one of the other treatments Sorbet has to offer.

When they opened the first dry bar in South Africa, I was first in line to “get my hair did” and I still think it’s one of the best service offerings of any brand. It’s perfect for a quick style before an event or a nice way to spend the morning with your friends.

Sorbet Man3

But Sorbet Man? Like my sister said when I first heard about this – Sorbet are nailing it. Pun intended. I have loads of guy friends and from the conversations I’ve had with them, most of them are interested in male grooming but haven’t the foggiest idea about how to get started. If a girl asks me about skin care, I send her to Sorbet for the Dermalogica face mapping. But guys are a little more hesitant to go into such a “girly space” and the idea of entering the sacred space of a spa or salon requires a little more convincing.

Sorbet Man is going to be offering all the typical male grooming treatments: “manlys” and pedis, waxing, facials and even hair cuts and colours. It’s basically a one-stop shop for guys to get in, get groomed, get out. I love the idea that they’ll be offering men’s shaves as well, which I think is a dying art. Going to the barber for a shave is one of those little luxuries I think guys don’t get enough of. There’s a lot of talk about how women run around and never take time out for themselves, but when it comes to grooming, I think men have the same problem. Guys will also have the chance to enjoy an espresso or whiskey while they’re sitting at Sorbet Man getting their grooming on.

The first store opens in Sandton this month, although I’m pretty sure the concept will be so popular that national branches will have to pop up everywhere. I’m dragging the boyfriend for a visit the first chance I get so I’ll let you know what the response was from him. If you’ve nipped past Sorbet Man or try out one of the treatments, please let me know. I’d love to get some guy feedback on the place.

For more info, email or visit

Sorbet man with copy


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