Bullets for my Valentine?

So Valentine’s Day happened and all I got were tickets to Marvel’s newest addition to its neverending roll-out of bad-ass, geekgasm-inducing films, Deadpool.



Some might consider this the worst Valentine’s Day present ever, but my boyfriend certainly didn’t when I surprised him with them on Sunday morning. Yup, in our relationship, I’M the geeky one. Thank heavens I’m dating someone who actually appreciates my nerdisms, although honestly, if I did find myself single on 14 Feb, I’d still buy myself tickets to this.

Ryan Reynolds delivers his lines with all the dry wit and sarcasm the character is known and loved for. If you’re in the mood for something cynical and downright hilarious, I’d suggest you get yourself, your SO, your bestie – hell, even your cat if she promises to sit quietly in your handbag – and check it out. The CGI is awesome, the stunts are  waaaay over the top and the amount of fun Marvel pokes at itself and its franchises will have you holding onto the sides of your Ster-Kinekor love seat to stop yourself from falling off your chair.

On a more serious note: I’ve loved Morena Baccarin since her Firefly days and I’m thrilled to see her popping up in more and more leading roles. She matches Wade Wilson bout after bout and gave me a serious case of #relationshipgoals.

If you’re not familiar with Deadpool, one of the things that makes him so unusual is that he continues to break the fourth wall – ie, when a character speaks directly to the audience. It’s this awareness that really highlights his sardonic self and makes this undoubtedly Marvel’s funniest movie yet. Intentionally, that is.

Stan Lee, of course, makes his usual cameo.

For those of you wondering, there IS an Easter egg at the end so don’t be one of those who gets up and leaves when the credits start to roll. It’s not a biggie, but any additional time I get to spend with my favourite characters is a win in my book.

Still not convinced? Check out the “official” trailer below. There were also a number of pre-release teaser videos uploaded to YouTube so have a look around. You may just discover a “superhero” you actually like.


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